oh ooops, did i just leak the Fucking Mystic cover?


Jennette McCurdy


Please do NOT reblog/post someone’s leaked nudes. They were LEAKED which means WITHOUT permission. Stolen from their iCloud. Reblogging/posting these nudes is absolutely not okay. Not okay, very disrespectful, and very inconsiderate.


can someone print this and plaster it to every wall of every news center ever


-*yawns* Hi Daddy

Hey sleepy girl, how was your nap?

-Um, ok… um, Daddy?

Yes babygirl?

-member when you said it isn’t naughty to do bad things if you sez to?

yes punkin…

-*a tear rolls down her cheek* D-d-daddy…

What happened lil lady??? Were you naughty?

-I… but… *sobs* DADDDDYYY I sorry… I was seepin n I was dreamin bout you Daddy and… mumbles *sobs*

BABYGIRL… use your words…

-*whimpers* D-d-daddy I was naughty… but I didn’t meaaaannn to be…. *sobs*

What did you do babygirl? Dry it up now… deep breath… Tell Daddy…

-I… I gonna get spankies if I tell you *pouts*

You’ll get more than spankies if you don’t *stern angry look*

-*cowers and tales a step back, eyes down* Yes Sir, Sorry Daddy… I was seepin and I woked up all wet Daddy… like when Daddy does it… and tingly too… panda was under the covers an I…

You what angel?

-I… I hugged him… um… but different huggies… wif my legs… n it make me more tingly n then i squeezeded him harder n… *sobs* IT happened… I so sorry Daddy… *tears roll, hiccups and sobs*

Come here babygirl *outstretched arms*

-*runs to Daddy* I sorry… so sorry… I a bad girl… Daddys MAD at me…

Shhhh… shh… angelbaby…. *Holds tight* Daddy isn’t mad… but he is very disappointed… you broke the rules… no cummies without Daddy s permission.

- I didnt mean to Daddy… I really didn’t!

Daddy knows, but you DID it and you will be punished.

-yes Sir, Thank you Daddy for the huggies…

Stand up and unzip your jammies…

-*sniffles* yes Daddy

Come lay on Daddy’s lap and take your spankies like a good girl…

*steps forward, stops* Daddy… Daddy can I hold panda… pwwweeeeasseee Daddy??

yes I suppose so naughty girl… get panda and come here…

- Daddy please not to…


-Dadddyyyyy…*cries* that hurt Daddy

*whack, whack* you will never cum without Daddy’s permission again *whack* Say it naughty girl *whack*

-I  won’t Daddy i promise *sobs* without your *whimpers* permission *cries*

*whack* Now look how wet you are lil girl… *slides finger in* you like bein a naughty girl don’t you?

  no Daddy, *moans* I wanna be a *bites pandas ear* a good girl for my Daddy… Oh, oh Daddy… uhhhhh…

*stops* you already had all the cummies your gonna have today…

-yes Sir… thank you Daddy

Now get down on your knees in front of Daddy… that’s right… good girl, Daddy’s gonna show you how to make him happy…

- looks up with excitment and fear in her eyes*

-y…yes Daddy….

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This kinda sounds like a poem

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Gooty Sapphire

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That guys left arm tasted delicious…


The Story So Far  + snaps

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do u ever form emotional attachments to tabs u have had open for a long time

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Thought I looked extra squishy today ♡

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for months ive been collecting my fave of bizarre tumblr insults from famous posts in a note thingy on my phone omfg it cracks me up every time. there are truly some creative people here on

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